According to recent reports, your white friend on Facebook, whom you’ve always secretly suspected of being a latent racist, explained today through a series of passive-aggressive posts why she does not support the protesters of Ferguson, Missouri.

Saying that “it isn’t that big of a deal” and “people get shot all the time”, your white friend explained to what she imagined was an eager audience on Facebook why the residents of Ferguson are blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

"They’re just looking for an excuse to riot. They just always need something to be angry about, and feel oppressed over." While it was left ambiguous who the ‘they’ in the Facebook status referred to, some expert analyzers concluded that your white friend was referring to black people. Your white friend insisted she was not racist at all, and that in fact this entire ordeal had nothing at all to do with race, and that "they" should stop trying to make everything about race.

She then posted a number of articles and videos of police officers doing nice things, with the passive-aggressive addendum: “See? Not all cops are bad! So maybe all of you should stop shit-talking them!” Unable to explain how these random good deeds did anything to address the events in Ferguson, your white friend responded to criticisms saying, “Well my uncle is a police officer, and he’s an amazing person. He risks his life every day. And if you don’t like that, then fuck you Jennifer, I’m unfriending you.”

Your white friend’s final Facebook status on the matter concluded, “I might get hate for this, but I for one support all the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for us. And I support all of the brave officers in Ferguson who are only trying to their jobs. The problem here is all those ghetto thugs acting like animals. And see? I didn’t say anything about race! And all of that is why I don’t support these ridiculous protests. If you have a problem with that, then bye.” The status finished with an extraordinarily condescending smiley face.

Your White Friend On Facebook Explains Why She Doesn’t Support Ferguson

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So many white friends!!!!!! (White Christian friends)

Spirituality is not to be learned by flight from the world, or by running away from things, or by turning solitary and going apart from the world. Rather, we must learn an inner solitude wherever or with whomsoever we may be. We must learn to penetrate things and find God there.
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Been dreaming of you every night
Dreams trying to explain
Trying to meet you on an even ground
Dreams trying to make you understand
My value
That I was worth something,
That you gave up,
That it wasn’t my fault.

I woke up and realized
I should never have to convince anyone
Of my worth or my value,
Never should have to force someone
To take responsibility
for what went wrong.

If you don’t see it,
There is no convincing.
I deserve to move on to happiness,
I deserve loyalty
and not to have to pick up the pieces
after betrayal.

So many times, you left me fighting
all alone
and you tore hole in every part of me
that I gave you.
You ripped me wide open and left me panting for a savior,
someone to patch me up.
Someone to give me time to heal.

The truth is
you don’t deserve my explanations
or me
And you for damn sure don’t deserve my dreams.

I’m praying today
for a new level of letting you go.
One where I realize my worth without you
One where I finally set myself free.