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I just want to change the world with love.

"We become the center of our own worlds, with the constant connection a validation of our own importance. The removal of that connection does not disturb anyone else, but the removal of that validation makes it clear that the world spins on without us. And when we return, we discover that not much really changes in the time we spent away from social media, away from the office, and even away from friends and family."


What I learned from totally unplugging and shutting up for three days

It’s better to focus on living your best life than in sharing your running commentary on it with the whole world

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So true. Disconnected helps us realize on the one hand the importance of living connected with your friends and family. On the other hand it relieves us from the illusion that we are part of a vortex spinning faster and faster and somehow drive this engine that without us will sputter to a halt.

Once we cannot unplug my question is who is the machine and who is the user?

I think great quality of life comes from unplugging consistently - for me, it is Sundays. Unplugging just improves your life.

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(via coolcatteacher)

"I finally met someone as low as me
face on the floor,
searching for artwork
trying to find a masterpiece."


"People are fickle fucks."

Orange is the New Black



Unwilling to speak about anything but how gently this baby says “cheese” today. Thank you for understanding.

2nd time I reblogged this. this vid can end wars

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@playboydummy on racial self identity

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I disagree. It comes down to a cultural thing, not a race thing. Black culture and any kind of African culture have lots of differences. Many African Americans came here willingly and for better opportunity which creates a HUGE cultural difference for those who had ancestors who did not come willingly. There is a different struggle, there is a different culture. Nothing to do with self-hatred. A lot to do with claiming the Black struggle and identifying with the movement, times and culture.

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